Specific activities we work are below.These can be applyied industrial sectories included Shoe , Garment, Food  and Construction Sector.

  1. Forming Trade Unions
  2. Legal Aid for Collective Bargainng and Dispute Cases
  3. Estabish Child Labour
  4. Research on working condition
  5. Policy Avocacy
  6. Union Education for Trade Unions


Forming Trade Unions

We help workers to set up Trade union by providing education and trading and making sure that democratically election.


Leagal Aid

Colloective Bargaining , Individual disputes and Negotiating with Factory Management are the main work of our Legal Aid.


Research on working condition

We conducts on labor rights issues, mainly in a garment industry.We did public two reports by cooperating with  SOMO and Oxfam. Other one was conducted by ALR with technically support from Myanmar Center for Responsible Business.


Trade Union Education

Our trade union education is to:

  • Encourage social dialogue between workers and management.
  • Improve Knowledge and capacity building
  • Develope the needs on existing the challenges in labor movements.

The main topics of our Training are:

  • Freedom of Associations
  • Dispute Handing
  • Function for Trade Union